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The Mismatch Between Exercise Goals + What You're Currently Doing For Movement.

Over the last 13 years I’ve been in the fitness industry, the same struggles & desires come up for almost every female client I work with or have met:

  • the desire to lose weight (and what you’re doing // done in the past isn’t working anymore)

  • struggling with lack of consistency in workouts due to lack of time, inspiration or motivation

  • the desire to know what workouts or exercises are best to 'tone up' & 'get results'.

The truth is, the current model for “workouts that work” is driven by studies done primarily on MEN (18-21 year olds actually).

And in case you weren’t clear, your FEMALE body is *very different* than a young male adult. :)

As a woman, during your reproductive years, your hormones change EVERY DAY over a 21-35 day average cycle (visualize it like the shifting moon phases), whereas men’s are the SAME every day (think of this like the sun’s daily cycle). So you can imagine how doing the same thing day after day and so on as a woman might be counterproductive (and suuuuper frustrating).

It’s like the moon trying to be the sun - just ain’t gonna work.

And it’s the reason that you see a shift in energy, performance, motivation AND “results” throughout your lifetime (and even throughout every cycle) and why what you’ve done in the past isn’t working now.

This is because your female physiology requires you to SHIFT the focus or type of workout based on the four different hormone phases you experience each menstrual cycle during your reproductive years. However, this also extends to the other major hormones seasons you go through as a women in her lifetime, including: puberty, perimenopause and menopause + post-menopause (each requiring a shift in the way you move your body to support your hormones and feel your best, inside & out).

And fighting your physiology, at best = frustration & dead motivation // at worst = perpetuating burnout or turning ON fat storage + muscle wasting - which is important to understand primarily because as women we are so hard on *ourselves*. Placing blame for lack of "desired results" on our body, versus THE METHOD (or 'science' and studies) we're using.

It’s high time you had a paradigm for exercise that was designed AROUND your female hormones based on research done ON women, so that you feel amazing NOW *and* move towards your goals in a sustainable way, am I right?!

I think so too. Which is why I created a program FOR you that is guaranteed to increase your energy, strength, radiance & body confidence. Enter: my Workout Like A Woman online movement membership program. It's workouts (and so much more!) designed for each season of your menstrual cycle and each phase of your life, so that you can transition with ease and never again wonder, "What type of exercise is BEST for me, right now and as a woman?" Created so that you can come home to your body and intuition, and feel damn good doing it.

I'm so excited to bring this program to you. Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so that you don’t miss the launch of my Workout Like A Woman online movement program, coming soon!


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