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Hello Beautiful Woman!
I'm Whitney.

Certified Holistic Health Coach (HHC)
Institute for Integrative Nutrition, with specialized training in hormone health


Certified Fitness Instructor

Ace Fitness

"In addition to being a holistic health, hormones + movement coach, I am someone who has walked the path of self-discovery. I've sought the most effective and impactful methods of movement, nutrition and wellness for over a decade. I’m here to support you as you simplify and accelerate your own journey of whole-being health—personally form-fitted to your life, and yet somehow strangely universal in the most freeing of ways.

I spent years pushing myself and striving. I was happy, but not fulfilled. I was driven and successful, but didn’t really know who I was or my life’s purpose. I had a loose spiritual practice, but lacked the feelings of being grounded and rooted. I ate healthily, but wasn’t truly nourished. I moved my body consistently, even experienced 'desired results,' but wasn’t connected to, or in relationship, with her. I ruled my body as dictator. My life was good, but something was missing. 


Then, I became a mother (a surprise pregnancy with firstborn, Will), and in no uncertain terms, motherhood brought me to my knees. I lost my bearingsstruggled to redefine my sense of self from within this new role, while also trying to maintain my business, be a 'good mom,' have a loving partnership with my husband and take care of myself (aka trying to ‘do it all’). It wasn’t working and I felt isolated and lost, uncertain how to climb out and find myself again. 

It was within this time, that for the very FIRST time (at age 30), that I learned about my (amazing) female body - how she worked (physiologically), along with why so many things I’d tried to do in the past or was currently doing never felt quite RIGHT or seemed harder than they should be. I also came face-to-face with the reality that motherhood brought me into direct connection with the divine feminine (as CREATION; birth is uniquely feminine), and I could no longer live or work from the masculine-driven paradigm so ubiquitous in modern culture.


For 30 years, I’d been operating from the lens that I was the same, every day. Holding the expectation that I would have the same energy - physical & mental, cognitive function, moods, desires and motivation, productivity and success, day in and day out. As it turns out, I am notand you are NOTdesigned this way.

My initiation into the world of female physiology not only changed the way I engaged with my body and life on every level, but rocketed me onto the path of integrating hormone coaching into my work as the fulcrum for creating whole-being health as a woman.


But here’s the thingwe live in a patriarchal society that was designed around the male hormone cycle which IS the same every day. The difference between male and female physiology, however, is as divergent as NIGHT and DAY. 


Male hormones operate on a 24-hour circadian rhythm. Like the SUN, they’re the same every day, for their whole lives, on repeat. Women’s menstrual / hormone cycles on the other hand operate on an average 28-35-ish day infradian rhythm, which mirrors the MOON’s cycle. And if you’ve ever tracked the moon, you’ll note that she changes every day within her 29.5 day cycleboth in size, shape and light. Women, unlike men, also go through four macro life seasons throughout their lifetime (puberty, reproductive years, perimenopause, menopause and post-menopause), which reflect the four seasons of the Earth (spring, summer, fall and winter). 

And there’s one thing I know for sure. Just as your female hormone cycles (menstrual + throughout your lifetime) cannot be separated from the conversation around how to feel your best (as they influence every system in the body), neither can your health be compartmentalized into just physicallike what you eat and how you exercise, but rather must encompass all facets of your being: physical, spiritual, mental, relational and emotional. Each is deeply interlaced and a requisite for understanding who you are, what makes you feel amazing and living an intentional life you love.

This full landscape of whole-being health is hardly talked about though, especially in combination with the fact that men and women are physiologically different, thus require completely different paradigms, coaching, tools, resources and guidance to thrive. My work teaches you how to align your life, nutrition and movement to work synchronistically with your physiology, but in the simple and flexible way your busy life requires. 


Together, we will step away from diet culture, fitness trends and mainstream health advice (which have failed us women miserably), and instead turn towards body, mind, heart and soul. I’ll support you as you learn how to tune in to the wisdom and language of your unique body as a compass, and biohack your female hormonal advantage, so you can stop worrying about what you ‘should’ be doing and instead step confidently into who you are, as you were beautifully designed."


"My support is different from friend or family support. I act as your mirror, giving support from accountability, permission and the knowing that it’s not you, it’s your hormones (or the patriarchal culture we live in). And offer up the immense grace that comes from that."


"When you have a base understanding of how your body moves, what it feels like when you’re doing different types of exercise in your cycle—there’s less push and grind that feels out of alignment with what your body wants, what your spirit wants. The four pillars of fulfillment (your “primary food”)  are your work / purpose, spirit, relationships and the way you care for your body. If those aren’t fed, your secondary food (what you're eating) matters not so much."

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