Join an online fitness program uniquely designed to align your workouts to your female hormone cycle and current season of life. Stop striving for the perfect body. Start thriving in the body you have.

Workout Like A Woman is an intentional integration of:

  • The new science coming out around the importance for women to cycle their workouts based on their unique physiology.

  • The science, wisdom and innate connection to the Earth and her seasons, the Moon and her phases and the Sun and his cycle.

These connections to your natural body and the natural world allow you to feel completely different while moving your body and engaging in your life.


Be more connected and confident, empowered and easeful. 
Be stronger and more flexible—in life and in exercise.

Monthly Membership Includes:

  • 100+ workouts created for your female body and its hormone life seasons—making you feel damn good every time, because they match your energy and capitalize on your female advantage (unlike other fitness programs out there that center male physiology). $500+ value

    • The program supports all women in every life stage and age: Reproductive Years, Perimenopause, Menopause, Post-Menopause, and provides specific support for women on hormonal birth control.

    • Breathwork and Somatic expression videos help you not only tap into your strength but your emotions and mental clarity.

    • Mantras for each workout help you embody your feminine power, range and capacity, while feeling each workout deeper.

  • Monthly Workout Calendars that detail how to map out and track your workouts. $75 value 

  • 100+ exercise video tutorials that educate you on muscles used and how to activate more effectively, with full written workout programming in PDF form. $250 value

  • Training videos on how to track your cycle, and the how and why of cycling your workouts: matching the physiologically-appropriate workouts to what your hormones are doing, so that you can increase your energy, strength, radiance & body confidence. $195 value 

  • A private Facebook group with access to one-on-one feedback and coaching, with bonus videos. You are connected with like-minded women in community. $100+/month value

  • A live 60-75 min Zoom workout class per month (and its recording) that works with the current month's Full Moon energy and themes, along with other major seasonal transitions. These workouts have been called "transformational"and "epic." $125 value

  • ...and more! The program adapts and grows thanks to participant feedback, requests and needs.

A $1,245 value for just $45/month!


It's about your female body, not just any body. It’s not “strong is the new skinny” or the "body acceptance" trend, but in a spiritual way, grounding in the energy, art and science of being a woman—physiologically and in life.


It's about a feeling, not a look.

Workout Like A Woman was created to make you feel amazing, vibrant, stronger—and to bring you into deeper connection and loving relationship with your body—mentally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually and physically.

It's about your female body, not just any body. It’s not “strong is the new skinny” or the "body acceptance" trend, but in a spiritual way, grounding in the energy, art and science of being a woman—physiologically and in life.


It's about working with your energy, not against it.

Your body will undergo a transformation on all levels in this program, because your relationship to her will change.

You will tap into the range of her physical strength and power, pushing her to new levels when you’re hormonally primed for it and rest when you’re physiologically designed to do so. 

The result? You'll build an abundance of energy that keeps cycling up.


It's about tuning in, not pushing through.

This program isn't about pushing through to get "results," but instead to build awareness around how you feel and where you feel it.

Workout Like A Woman empowers you to be in choice with your body and the exercises you choose—versus just going through the motions or doing it because you "should". You will build functional strength and resilience, learning to take advantage of your unique feminine physiology.

Workout Like A Woman Testimonials

"Whitney has radically changed my approach to exercise and food. Instead of just pushing through and honestly feeling empty at the end of my workout and work day, I'm now working with my body, as a woman.

It's been game-changing physically, professionally and personally."

Sarah, 43

"Cycling my workouts has given me more energy and body results overall, now that I no longer have depletion-driven crashes. I rest when it's optimal for my body to rest, and I go hard when my body is primed for the hard work. 

I'm stronger, my energy is more predictable. I feel like I'm finally really listening to my body and what it needs to be its best in all phases of my cycle - and I feel so good!"

Katie, 40

"Workout Like a Woman is such a supportive, holistic, healing space for women. It is truly a life-altering program. Whitney's insight, knowledge and support of the female body and its physical and emotional needs is really second to none. It has been an eye-opening program and the positive experience of  learning about my own body's needs has been helpful is so many aspects of my life."

Ruby, 37

"'Go big or go home.' That’s been my mantra for my entire fitness journey. Sweat more, hurt more, depletion, hunger, starvation, etc., etc. No matter what phase of my fitness journey I was in, it always circled back to that mantra, and it was getting harder and harder and harder to lace up those shoes and get out there. 

I’ve been a part of the Workout Like a Woman community now for 8 months. It has been a game changer for me.

Whitney’s coupling of the moon phases with a women’s cycle is so intuitive, and then adding to that daily strength, yoga,  meditation or movement exercises to match the moon's phase has been a breath of fresh air. 

My name is Becky, I’m a 67 year old Post-Menopausal woman, living my best life."

Becky, 67

"Working out in tune with my body's energy (and learning nutritional supports to boot!) has been spectacular. My mental and emotional health and stamina for relationships and easeful wellbeing has completely shifted. Grateful!"

Hannah, 38