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Sharing brands and products that not only have been tried, tested and deeply loved—but believed in so strongly, they're incorporated into work with clients.
Use these links for affiliate discounts and perks! 

I love Beautycounter because of their clean ingredients (read their commitment to this here) + the amazing results I’ve experienced across all products, their activism in pushing for more legislation in the beauty industry and their cutting edge research for products while maintaining ingredient + sourcing integrity.


What I love about Branch Basics is both their simplicity (one-stop shop for ALL my non-toxic cleaning needs) and their commitment to healthy living. Removing toxic cleaning products from your home is one of the most important things you can do to improve your hormone health, so it’s important to have a brand that I can trust! ($10 off referral code with my link).


doTERRA Essential Oils help ground, uplift, energize and cleanse my home, body & family; they supercharge all my rituals & remind me of the sacred in simplicity. If you purchase any essential oils, be sure to use my link!


Primally Pure has the most luxurious, clean skincare products and the best part about it? Every ingredient used is real and recognizable - either from real food or the Earth. I am constantly impressed by every new product they create or I try. Super fan over here! If you're a new customer, use my code 'WM10' to get 10% off your first order.


Savvi is a brand built on size inclusivity, who is passionate about making women feel amazing in their own skin, as they are, right now. Their pieces are so flattering and I find myself washing as soon as I’ve worn them so that I can rewear again ASAP.


Anything here I’ve found essential to supporting and creating hormone health, and I use them every or almost every day!

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