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Let's Work Together

Support for women of every life season
and life stage.


Work with Whitney 1:1 in a coaching relationship form-fitted to your goals and needs, for whatever life and hormone season you're in.


A workout program like no other, in community with women like yourself. 90+ workouts designed for your female body and life seasons.


Coming soon!

A new program designed to support holistic health, hormones and movement in community with other women.


"Our society associates power with being superwoman. 'I can do it all. Everything a man AND a woman does.' The truth for me is that our power comes from the inside out. We can’t get in touch with our power until we are connected to the unique female physiology. Because if you’re operating from the external paradigm, you’re fighting upstream and end up compromising the health of your body and soul. You won't find your power or purpose until you flip it. The power that comes from inside our body—honoring our cycles—inner to outer power."


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Discovery Session

"One of my favorite ways to help women tap into their power is through movement. Most women are used to exercising in this middle place—middle intensity. They don’t really understand the full range of their body. We practice using mantras to feel different emotional ranges (like how good it feels to be grounded, supported and in the flow) and utilizing varying exercise intnsities to tap into degrees of strength, power and aliveness. The result is deeper connection to, and awareness of, the full capacity of your female body and spirit. That transcends exercise, rippling its way into all facets of your life as well."


Happy Clients

“Whitney’s unique approach to health and fitness is transformative. She brings a completely different perspective on fitness, health and nourishment. By working with her over the past tear, I’ve become a faster runner and a stronger human. I’ve learned more about the human body and a woman’s body in particular. The skills I’ve learned through our work help me in my workouts, but more importantly, they have given me a different approach to work and life. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true, instead of just surviving through my toughest year of work, I actually thrived.”

Sarah, 45

“What a gift Whitney Mack is to womanhood! Her work encompasses so many areas, her knowledge is vast and yet she is always expanding it, keeping herself up-to-date and investing in continuing education. She is the embodiment of walk the talk, she is benevolent and one of the most genuine people I know. Finally a coach who sees her clients as whole, who thinks holistically and is able to weave the mental, the physical and the spiritual. Do yourself a favor, let her guide you." 

Gwen, 37

“It has been such a gift to get to work 1:1 with Whitney.  I first reached out to her for help on understanding how to better fuel my body to complement my workouts. But what she’s taught me is so much more—that it’s not just dependent on what I eat but how I approach my whole self. I love how Whitney values my curiosity and is attuned to what my body is really telling me. Through our work together, she’s helping me to tap into a version of myself I didn’t think was possible—and it’s amazing!

Jen, 44

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