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Body Confidence - How Do We Get It?

Most women I know & work with use fitness as a tool to *change* their body.

And while it’s perfectly healthy & normal to have goals, sustainable change is only born from shifting your RELATIONSHIP to your body from one of self-loathing to self-love. Yes, even body transformation is an inside game.

And I use the word “transformation” both intentionally & lightly.

Intentionally in that any complete transformation is always born from the inside-out. It’s not a “30 Days To A New You” type of deal. It’s work that makes you FEEL different - on all levels. It’s often built mostly through awareness + subtle shifts versus a huge overhaul or via grand guarantees (“2 Weeks To Killer Abs!”).

Lightly in that I believe the fitness industry has built an empire selling women the idea that their bodies NEED to be changed and that worthiness comes with a certain look (thin, muscular, sports bra ready, like 0% body fat).

Sometimes it’s subtle - like videos filmed solely in sports bras.

And often it’s not - “30 Days To Your Summer Bod - Lose 10 lbs. in 4 Weeks”. Or even the insinuation that being “fit” means doing a bunch of crazy exercises that look cool, but aren’t actually functional for the average person (I see this in almost every influencer’s advertisements for their fitness programs).

I get that to buy something we need to be motivated by results. AND also, my industry has done a disservice to women by placing physical results at the forefront. Because the gift of exercise is so.much.bigger. than that; and in fact, overall, it’s a poor weight loss tool.

And fitness, as it’s sold today often perpetuates the self-loathing & unworthiness story, doing nothing to shift this relationship.

Body confidence doesn’t come from a look - it comes through relationship to self. If you’re ready to dive into a different approach to exercise that centers how you feel + builds a deeper body connection, my Workout Like A Woman Program Online Movement Program (launching soon!) was designed for you!

Fitness should tap you into how you FEEL (in truth, no lasting change can stick otherwise). Because movement’s GREATEST GIFT is to connect you deeper to your physical + emotional body, not to change it.

It’s high time we knew *how* our female bodies worked (aka what our hormones are doing during the menstrual cycle and how they change over the four major hormonal seasons throughout a woman’s lifetime), along with understanding that the *type* of exercise & when + how we do it, matters.

Are you in?! Drop a comment below to affirm!

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