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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Macks-imize ;) your giving this year with gifts that make an impact.

When I think back over my lifetime of gift giving and receiving, I don't really remember the stuff I received. I remember the moments. Every holiday, special event or birthday is about how I felt. And when I ground into the most impactful things that I do own, they're things that add value to my life - making cooking meals a little simpler, life a little more joyful, items (big and small) that add coziness / warmth / ease or make taking care of and supporting myself more tangible in small, impactful ways.

So this gift guide comes from that place - intentionally crafting gifts that make an impact - to the receiver and in taking responsibility for the way I spend my money and who I support. As women, being the primary spenders of most households, how we spend our money is going to craft the world. Are we investing in sustainable + conscious brands, supporting small business and improving health or well-being? This guide isn't about more stuff - but it is in conscious recognition that we all do have stuff and what that stuff is made of, and who makes it, matters; and also, that we have the power to consciously buy with intention in mind - how will this gift add value to the one I'm giving it to? And maybe even bigger - what world am I building / encouraging with this purchase?

And please, please, don't underestimate the power of your words (heart) and time either - a hand-written card is often way more memorable + heart-warming than most gifts (I personally save them as bookmarks), and this can also look like time spent together or a meal shared. To me, this is where all my best holiday memories bring me back to anyways, so know that giving from the heart can look many ways.

Wishing you a beautiful holiday season, with your people, and celebrating love together through these heart-centered gifts.

PS: two of my favorite clean beauty skincare companies are doing

amazing Black Friday sales - Beautycounter and Primally Pure.

At the end of this post, I'm going to link all my favorite products

so that you can stock up or try a new (soon-to-be) fave!

Life-Giving, Time-Saving And All-Time Favorites From This Year: a list of all my favorite items, that add joy, cozy, convenience + inspiration, and even some of my "wish list" items:

  1. These Wedge Booties are life right now - and my go to shoe for everything, whether I'm dressing up or dressing down (aka wearing normal clothes or stretchy pants :). And one of the best parts, they're waterproof suede!

  2. This Air Fryer (on sale, 34% off - now $165) - getting an air fryer this summer was nothing short of life-changing. It was a great way to not only cook things quickly, but keep the heat down in the house. Obviously that's not a concern in winter, but the air fryer gives everything the perfect texture. We use it basically every night for meals now!

  3. Epic Water Filter and Filtered Water Bottles - you might think that your drinking water is clean, but think again (look up your zip code to check toxins + contaminants here). I recommend using a countertop or full house water filtration system to all my clients, as water is one of the main ways we absorb a variety of toxins and chemicals - most of which are linked to cancer, among other health conditions. This Epic Water Filter is the best counter system, but they also make water bottles with mini filters so that you can feel good about drinking water wherever you go!

  4. Almond Cow Nut Mylk Maker - you can make your own nut milk! And it's sooo easy - as simple as adding water and nuts, then pressing a button! If you are a consumer of nut milk on a regular basis, I highly recommend that you get yourself one of these! It's definitely an upfront investment, but saves money in the long-run (refrigerated, clean nut mylks can run a girl $5-8 per bottle!). I love mine and homemade cashew mylk is a favorite around here!

  5. Cosori Hot Water Kettle - this seriously upped by tea game, and made heating up water for my hot water bottle a breeze. So quick and bonus: aesthetically pleasing!

  6. This sweater, on repeat (Savvi is currently running a 70% off sale on select items) - see them here and be sure to click on the image to see crazy $ deals) - I've got it in blue and white, and it looks great with jeans or stretchy pants (aka my life!), along with this off-the-shoulder beauty too (that thyme greeeeen!).

  7. Red Light Therapy (up to 40% off) - for anyone who lives in the PNW, these are a must (seasonal blues, much?), but the benefits are endless, some including improved skin health + appearance, improved sleep + circadian rhythm, reducing inflammation and reducing joint + arthritis pain. Options: check out this mid-sized one or this mini.

  8. Grounding Mattress Covers (the Earthing Essentials Kit is currently 50% off, plus other amazing Black Friday deals) - Have you heard of Earthing? Now you can get its benefits while you're sleeping. We have one of these for each of our beds and love them! It's improved sleep quality a lot! Earthing (also known as grounding) refers to the discovery that bodily contact with the Earth's natural electric charge stabilizes the physiology at the deepest levels, reduces inflammation, pain, and stress, improves blood flow, energy, and sleep, and generates greater well-being.

  9. This lululemon fanny pack - can be worn on the waist or cross-body, I have loved having this as my go-to purse this last year. It's so much easier for chasing after the kids, walks and every day life.

  10. Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Tarot Card Deck - I was "tarot curious" for quite awhile before I bought my first deck; totally intimidated on how to integrate them into my life or even if they were for me. Finally doing so was a huge game-changer for me, and I started with this deck. I use it to ask for guidance / signs during hard and good times, to get "extra support" or insight into current situations or even how to heal past trauma. For me, it's a bridge between spiritual wisdom and my mind - which often tries to think its way through everything, a way to surrender and seek to the "medicine" that's presenting itself for me in life situations. A great stocking stuffer too, and a favorite of my clients to start with also.

  11. Velour PJs (currently 70% off, hurry!) - these are sooo comfy and super stylish. They totally helped get me through last year's dreary winter in Seattle, and sometimes they even went with me for adventures out of my house - where I always got so many compliments! The top and bottom are separate. See other Savvi Black Friday deals here (and be sure to click on the image to see the discounts!).

For The Health Nut:

  1. My Workout Like A Woman online fitness membership - the "how to" on cycle syncing your workouts for all hormone life seasons - Reproductive Years, Perimenopause and Postmenopause, plus for micro seasons of your life where intense exercise is counter-productive and/or you're on the Pill. Learn to work with your female physiology to optimize your hormonal advantage, return home to your body + intuition and start thriving in the body you have right now. Grab it at $25/month through the end of the year! then The monthly membership includes:

    1. 200+ follow along workout videos + 120+ exercise video demonstration videos, plus written programming for each workout so that you can do at home or at the gym! Workouts are created to match

    2. Monthly workout calendars that guide you on what workouts to do when, to best support your female physiology

    3. Live Zoom workouts (themed to the energies of the Full Moon) and New Moon Meditations each month.

    4. Fueling, recovery and nutrition tips to support your shifting hormones in each life season.

    5. so much more.

  2. Sauna Blanket (20% off) - want the benefits of a sauna (like improved circulation, detoxification and immunity, glowy skin, reducing stress + joint pain) but don't the money or space for a whole unit? This sauna blanket gives you all the benefits, without the bulk (I recommend getting the insert too).

  3. Acupressure Mat (up to 30% off) - a certain someone in my fam may be getting this for Christmas (shhhhh!), and I'm so excited to reap the benefits too. Acupressure mats are the bees knees, helping reduce: back pain + headaches, pinched nerves, insomnia, fatigue, tension + stress and anxiety.

  4. Massage Gun ($100 off now) - great for sore muscles and tension spots, sure, but this baby has also gotten me through some serious cold-induced body aches this past year too (gifted last Christmas to Regan). Such a good addition to a stretching + mobility practice!

  5. Lululemon Align Pant - hands down the best fitting and the most comfortable workout pants / leggings out there. They feel like butter and I haven't met a single person - friend, client or family. member that doesn't love these. For reference, I'm a size 6.

  6. Born Primitive The Summit Leggings - someone say instant butt lift? Don't let the rouching fool you or turn you off, these pants are daaaaaaaamn flattering. And they're super comfy too (no, it doesn't feel like you're wearing a thong). For reference, size small fits well and snug, size medium also fit, but I preferred the small.

  7. Hatch Restore ($30 off through 11/29) - a sunrise lamp and alarm, can also be used as a reading light and sound machine. I have one for each kid (I have the Rest+ for Felix) and loooove mine. Waking up to nature sounds and a light that mimics the sunrise is sooo much better than a blaring alarm clock.

  8. Coffee + Morning Drink Rituals (save 15% now through Dec 15 and use the code BFSALE30 to get 30% off all new subscriptions) - if you're a coffee drinker, this is the brand I recommend. It's tested for heavy metals, myotoxins, mold and pesticides, swiss-water pressed and certified organic. Even better? In case you didn't know, Four Sigmatic is mushroom coffee, and the mushrooms they use are adaptogenic superfoods - Lion's Mane helps boost brain power, Chaga helps boost immunity and Reishi helps calm the nervous system (PS: you can't taste them :).

  9. My two favorite sports bras Savvi is currently running a 70% off sale on select items) - see them here and make sure you click on the image to see the discount) - I love the fit and style of both of these: the Julia Bra - buttery feel and the Addy Bra - a little tighter fit, and the cutest prints. I've used both of these sports bras as bathing suit tops too - winning!

  10. If you have anyone in your life who is a (clean) beauty fanatic, the Beautycounter holiday sets are one of my ultimate favorite gifts.

Become A Cycle Syncing Queen: your menstrual cycle is your internal marker of health + vitality. Having a regular, symptom-free cycle is not only possible, contrary to what you've been taught, it's what's normal (hopefully those of you around here know that by now) - and the marker of optimal health (which is your birthright). Here are some of my favorite items to support and chart your cycle,

  1. This Hot Water Bottle - this is one of my staples - as a bed or belly warmer (it's so beneficial to keep your womb space warm). I heat water and fill it almost every night, placing it in my bed to warm it for me ahead of time. The heat is so comforting during these cooler months, but I also use it during my period and whenever anyone in the family has aches or pains.

  2. Track Ovulation, and chart your menstrual cycle with Ava Bracelet ($20 off with this link) or Tempdrop ($20 off Black Friday sale) - whether you want to get pregnant or prevent pregnancy, it's important to chart your cycle and know ovulation (your fertile window is 6 days, the last day being ovulation day). Both the Ava and Temp Drop are wearable arm bands that you put on at night, sync up with your phone in the morning and based on a few biomarkers - like basal body temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, and HRV ratio, it helps determine your fertile window! I have used Ava to both get and then prevent pregnancy for the last 5 years! Hands down, one of the best purchases of my life. No more guessing what your hormones or doing or why you're feeling a certain way - this is gold, my loves!

  3. Soulful Tea Blends Cycle Syncing Tea Set (15% off entire site, and free shipping over $100) - 4 separate tea blends, each formulated to support and help regulate the four hormone seasons of your menstrual cycle (follicular, ovulatory, luteal and bleeding phases) and even help decrease symptoms (which, remember, while common, are not normal). Win-win for all my tea lovers out there.

  4. Queen Of Thrones Castor Oil Pack (offering 5 - 15% off) For Liver, Pelvic or Thyroid (save 20% right now) - You've probably heard of taking castor oil to help induce labor (and are thinking yuck!), but did you know that castor oil packs are ancient medicine used to decrease inflammation and pain, helps regulate bowel movements, increase pleasure + relax the body, helps promote healthy gut microbiome. Most of all, as a hormone coach, it's one of the best ways to support your menstrual health. Never heard of using them before? Check out all the benefits in this article here.

Cozy + Sustainable Clothing:

  1. Boody (20-40% off with code GIFTBETTER) through 11/21 - my favorite clothing brand - everything they make is amazing and feels like buttery goodness on your skin. Made from non-toxic, organic bamboo, this is a brand that I feel good about keeping in direct contact with my skin. I recommend all their staples - bodysuits, the cami, the underwear and bras, plus the Goodnight Sleep Pant (I live in these). I've also gotten Regan a bunch of their shirts and underwear too (and they even won him over - and he's the pickiest).

  2. Pact (everything 20-50% off right now) - an organic clothing brand that I use for the whole family. This is where I get underwear for the boys (it's really important to think about toxic exposure on our most sensitive + absorbent parts!), along with pajamas and other clothes too. For me, I love this Fisherman's Button Front Cardigan, their holiday PJ sets, and the Revive Deep-V Jumpsuit right now! Everything I've gotten from Pact in the past has always worn great and is super comfy!

  3. Christy Dawn (running a 70% off Black Friday sale) - I literally just found out about this brand and can't wait to get some pieces! The company makes products from organic cotton and alpaca, using regenerative growing practices that go beyond sustainability to actively heal our Earth and bring you high quality, non-toxic clothes (learn more here). I obviously haven't tried the clothing yet, but I just had to share a company doing such amazing things - women-founded and owned, this is the type of company we need to be putting our dollars towards - for our own health and that of our precious Earth!

Making The Perfect Gift Bags For Your Ladies Or Stocking Stuffers For Adults: I love making gift bags for friends / family for all occasions. I usually keep things like this on hand, so I can throw together a "self-love bundle' at anytime (so many of these double as great stocking stuffers too).Pick a few and make some epic gift bags or stockings this year!

  1. Primally Pure Goodies: special offer: starting Thurs, 11/24 - Monday 11/28, use code BFCM-WM20 to get 20% off site wide and a free holiday lip balm kit - also great for these bags or stockings.

    1. Primally Pure: Body Butter Minis - this body butter is sooo luxurious. My all-time favorite scent is the almond + vanilla, but they're all amazing and a great treat for your skin anytime, but essential during dryer winter months!

    2. Primally Pure Starter OR Spa Kit - everything in these kits is some of Primally Pure's best (and the lip gloss is a fan fave)! I love getting a few of the kits and splitting it up between stockings (these are also great to have on hand and take from for the gift bags above).

    3. Primally Pure Gua Sha Stone - this is a staple in my evening routine, helping me transition from the business of the day into the peace of nighttime. Facial gua sha is an ancient healing technique that helps support lymphatic drainage (think less puffiness), while helping to rejuvenate the skin on your face and neglige. Not sure what gua sha is? Check out this video tutorial here.

    4. Primally Pure Mini Holiday Candles - holiday scents are launching Black Friday week, so keep your eyes peeled cause these beauties will sell out fast!

  2. Beautycounter Steals: 20% off site-wide right now, and 30% off orders of $250+)

    1. Beautycounter Mini Lip Glosses - these mini lip glosses have the best shimmer and every time I wear them, I always get asked what brand it is! I split up up the minis between bags.

    2. Hand Cream Trio (Beautycounter 20% off site-wide right now, and 30% off orders of $250+) - the shea butter and jojoba oil give dry (winter) hands the extra love they need!

    3. This Mini Clean Deo is sooo cute, (Beautycounter 20% off site-wide right now, and 30% off orders of $250+) and a clean deodorant that works and smells great (only one of two that ever have for me). Coconut and sequoia are my favorite scents, and cool aloe is new!

  3. Four Sigmatic Evening Routine Reishi Cacao - hot chocolate, upgraded! These single serving packs are a fan and personal fave! I usually add 2-4 per bag!

  4. Grace & Stella Collagen Single Eye Masks (use code EYES50 for 50% off) - being a mom and trying to get enough sleep is rooooough sometimes, am I right? These have been my savior over the years, and one of my favorite gifts too. Great for puffy eyes and dark circles! This is a pack of 24 single use packs.

  5. Fontana Candle Company Mini Candles - made from beeswax, coconut oil and pure essential oils, these candles are the bomb! Many don't realize that one of the biggest source of toxins we're exposed to is fragrance, candles being a big offender! Stock up on these beauties for all occasions, but definitely include them in your holiday gift bags!

  6. Frownies Serum Patch For Forehead or Peptide Neck + Chin Mask (use this link for $10 off and use code "FROWNIES" for 20% off sitewide) - known for their original forehead and between the eyes wrinkle patches, these two Frownies "masks" help to smooth out skin; I noticed a markable difference in my skin after just one use (and the leftover serum in the packaging it s divine moisturizer).

  7. Acure Radically Rejuvenating Sheet Mask - super hydrating, clean mask with argan oil, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid. Single packs for the win!

  8. This essential oil stick is great for sore, achy or tight muscles, or even menstrual cramps. Think icy hot, but smells way better and not toxic!

  9. The coolest wood earrings - anytime I wear my wooden earrings from Exit 330 studio, I get asked where I got them from (a women-owned designed in my hometown of Livingston, MT)! Take a peek, you're sure to find some one-of-a-kind treasures!

  10. Ink + Alloy Beaded Earrings (running a 20% off sale) - if you love beaded earrings, or beaded jewelry in general (as I do), this company has it all. I have a couple pair of their earrings and a bracelet, and they're some of my favorites. Here are some other beautiful beaded earrings that I've had my eye on too - here, here, and here.

  11. The best self-myofascial release therapy balls - use these small therapy balls to help release hard-to-reach tension spots. And if you get some, shoot me an email and I'll send you a couple free follow along videos on how to use them!

  12. Soulvation Hair Tie Bracelets - hair ties that look like cute Bohemian bracelets? Yes please!

  13. Tiny Rituals Intention Set Crystal + Gem Bracelets (save 35% when you bundle 3 items) - I've been gifting these a lot lately. They're so beautiful, simple and as the name says, have different intentions you can pick from.

  14. Garden 24 Mugs and other gifts - if you're not familiar with Morgan Harper Nichols work, you're in for a treat. Beautiful paintings and uplifting sayings are the standard here. The greeting cards are wonderful to stock up on and use throughout the year or write a special note to your people this season!

  15. EMF Blocking Stickers For Ear Buds - every time you pop in those ear buds, you're getting small amounts of non-ionizing radiation right into your ear and next to your brain. So if you're an ear bud lover (or know someone who is), give them the gift of some peace of mind!

  16. Blue Light Blocking Screen Protectors for electronic devices and Blue Light Blocking Glasses - we can't always avoid blue light at night (ideally, you're putting devices away and eliminating screen time at least an hour before bedtime), so that's why I love these blue light blocking screen protectors for all electronic devices! Blue light interferes with our circadian rhythm by disrupting melatonin production. Biologically, darkness signals to your body that it's time to power down for the night, but exposure to blue light - emitted from screens of electronic devices (phones, computers, iPads and TVs) - can make it difficult for you to both fall and stay asleep. I've got screen protectors on all mine and family's devices, and we've all got a pair of blue light blocking glasses too. Here are other ones I like too (kids and adult [1] and [2]).

  17. Small Amber Reading Light - amber lights are so calming to me, and these ones are perfect for every day use and traveling (no thank you to bright hotel lamps for nighttime reading!). We use these reading lights in ours + kids' bedrooms, and also keep salt lamps + salt lamp night lights in almost every room in the house to help us all transition into nighttime and avoid blue light stimulation (even regular lights can impact sleep quality).

  18. Wooden Starburst Ornaments - local Seattleite Laura Burkhart's work is beyond. I've got my eyes on her signature starbursts and prints, but also love her wooden ornaments too. She also has amazing + beautiful holiday cards!

  19. Thrive Causemetics: if you're interested in all 3 below, make your own custom set and get 10% off for the holidays!

    1. Hands down the best (clean) mascara around and my personal favorite (I don't recommend any other clean mascaras because I've found they either smudge or don't hold up throughout the day). This one is just perfection! They're also selling a mini mascara set (4) - great for multiple stockings or those gift bags!

    2. I use the Brilliant Eye Brightener (in champagne) under my eyes and sometimes as a quick eye shadow too. It really does make the eyes look brighter!

    3. The Triple Threat Color Stick is another one of my staples. It's designed to for cheeks and lips, but I love using it below my eyebrows for some extra shimmer too. It's a great gift and/or on-the-go color boost. I usually get Joy (Gold Shimmer) but am digging Aurora (Rose Gold Shimmer) and Kaisa (Dusty Rose Matte - named after my friend Kaisa Kiernan) too!

For The Men: my husband is sooo picky when it comes to gifts, but these have stood the test of time:

  • The comfiest shirts around (20-40% off with code GIFTBETTER) - bonus = non-toxic bamboo

  • These joggers - if you asked me ten years ago if I'd catch my man in joggers, I would've thought you were crazy. But seeing as he's got a few pairs now, I'd say they've passed the test (and I love looking at them too! :)

  • Reef Water Shoes - stylish and great for all water activities and adventures where there's a chance of getting wet (and my man's a shoe guy).

  • EMF Blocking Laptop Sleeve - this amazing sleeve blocks up to 99% of Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation and heat from the bottom or your laptop. Work with your laptop on top of this and store it in it. The phone cases are great too!

  • The massage gun, sauna blanket and acupressure mat mentioned above also make great gift.

  • Electric Skateboard (Black Friday special of $499, usually $727) - I'd say this is one of Regan's favorite things ever. And the kids love it too (Will can ride it alone now!). It provides endless fun and joy for all the boys in our family!

  • Two amazing books: Regan rarely reads a book from cover to cover (or if he does, it takes him more than a few months ;), but these two were big game-changers for him (and he personally shares them with friends):

  • Stocking stuffer ideas:

    • Corkcicle Coffee Mug - nothing beats these coffee mugs, or makes my hubby's day more than a hot cup of coffee that stays hot while he's wrestling around with the boys. Or try this one for a better fit in car!

    • These underwear (20-40% off with code GIFTBETTER) - don't underestimate the power of comfy, soft and non-toxic underwear for your partner (I mean, if you've got friends / fam you wanna gift these to as well, more power to ya!). What touches our most vulnerable + precious (and most absorbant) parts is super important - for men + women!

    • This essential oil stick is great for sore, achy or tight muscles, or even menstrual cramps. Think icy hot, but smells way better and not toxic!

Sleeping Beauties: all my favorite sleeping essentials to up the quality and comfort of one of the most important facets of your (or your people's) health! Putting all or a few of these items together into one juicy sleep present would be sooo amazing!

  • The most comfortable bra top, ever - this, paired with the Boody PJ pants below are my literal dream set. I look forward to getting get done with work and changing into these cozies every day.

  • The literal comfiest PJ pants ever (20-40% off with code GIFTBETTER) - my favorite non-toxic, organic bamboo PJ pants that feels like buttery goodness are on major sale! A great gift of Black Friday steal for yourself!

  • Silk sleep mask - sustainably and responsibly made, this washable silk sleep mask creates an atmosphere of total darkness, which is essential for the highest quality of sleep. Silk helps to naturally moisturize skin, and this even adds a little sound buffer too!

  • This Hot Water Bottle (again) - this is one of my staples. I heat water and fill it almost every night, placing it in my bed to warm it for me ahead of time. The heat is so comforting during these cooler months, but I also use it during my period and whenever anyone in the family has aches or pains. This hot water bottle cover also has a cute little hand slip, where I love to warm up my Love Mert Eye Love Pillow (gifted by a dear friend). The heat over my eyes is sooo soothing.

  • These blue light blocking glasses are a great addition if you're jumping on the idea of making a "sleep bundle" gift for someone special!

Clean Beauty: there are two clean beauty brands that I love - Primally Pure and Beautycounter. And they're both having epic sales now (see notes below). If you're looking to stock up on favorites, try new non-toxic skincare or dip your toes into the clean beauty world, these pioneering companies are the best of the best! Recommending all my favorites below, along with how / when I use them!

I've used both for over five years, and recommend them + believe in their impact so much that I became an affiliate / consultant. Thanks for supporting your health, the health of your friends + family and me when shopping with these amazing brands!

(using the products listed below).

Primally Pure: special offer: starting Thurs,11/24 - Monday 11/28, use code BFCM-WM20 to get 20% off site wide and a free holiday lip balm kit .

Beautycounter: 20% off site-wide right now, and 30% off orders of $250+ (make sure you're shopping with me - Whitney Scofield Mack).

  1. Things I use every day / morning routine:

    1. Beautycounter Clean Deo my favorite deodorant and definitely the one I recommend if you're new to the clean deodorant game! Coconut + Spruce are my favorite scents (Regan uses the latter too) and Primally Pure Deodorant - I rotate this with Beautycounter's Clean Deo

    2. Beautycounter Counter+ All Bright Serum - my daily morning hit of Vitamin C (has definitely improved the brightness + tone of my skin), put on before soft cream below

    3. Beautycounter Countertime Antioxidant Soft Cream - my daily face lotion that's light and smooth, haven't ever found anything as close to as good as this!

    4. Beautycounter Countermatch Adaptive Body Lotion - my daily body lotion, super light and doesn't rub off on or make your clothes stick to you (I hate that!).

    5. Beautycounter Skin Twin Creamy Concealer - when needed, this concealer stick is the best. I don't use foundation all over my face (freckles! + I love the look of natural skin), but my clients love the foundation version of this too, found here.

    6. Primally Pure Dry Shampoo - as needed, :) they have a light + dark-haired version

  2. In / out of the shower:

    1. Beautycounter Daily Shampoo and Conditioner - the shampoo and conditioner are really the best I've found...and I've both tried a lot and am really selective when it comes to my hair products!

    2. Beautycounter Sugarbuff Body Polish In Lemongrass - my favorite body scrub, I use a couple times per week in the shower, super luxurious and leaves your skin silky smooth + moisturized too!

    3. Almond + Vanilla Body Butter - the best body body ever, ever. Smells like a sugar cookie and is the biggest gift to your skin (always, and especially in dryer, winter months!).

    4. Primally Pure Body Oils - Jasmine is my favorite

  3. Nighttime Routine:

    1. Primally Pure Cleansing Oil - my nightly face wash, so calming + luxurious

    2. Everything Spray - what I use for my toner and a refreshing midday spritz

    3. CBD Soothing Serum - my nighttime serum, rotated with Beautycounter's Resurfacing Peel and Tripeptide Radiance Serum

    4. Beautycounter Countertime Tripeptide Radiance Serum - makes my skin feel brighter and smoother, and I definitely notice when I'm not using it (like when I run out!).

    5. Primally Pure Gua Sha Stone - this is a staple in my evening routine, helping me transition from the business of the day into the peace of nighttime. Facial gua sha is an ancient healing technique that helps support lymphatic drainage (think less puffiness), while helping to rejuvenate the skin on your face and neglige.

    6. Beautycounter Counter+ Overnight Resurfacing Peel - I use this every other night, and really love the way it makes my skin look brighter and smoother. I do this after the cleansing oil these nights!

    7. Beautycounter Countertime Tetrapeptide Supreme Cream - the mother of all nighttime creams, I loooove how luxurious, yet light this cream feels! It's my skincare night cap!

  4. Runner Ups:

    1. Beautycounter Reflect Effect AHA Smoothing Facial Mask + Tool Bundle - my favorite day-time mask (I love starting my Mondays with this). It has gentle exfoliating beads, and the tool that comes with it ups the anty on how much this brightens your skin. I use it 1-2x per week!

    2. Beautycounter Countertime Collection - the entire Countertime collection is amazing. I got so many comments on "how bright" or "sooo good" my skin looked when I first started using this entire line. I just really love the smell of the Primally Pure Cleansing Oil + Everything Spray, so switched back to those nightly (you'll see the others in my nighttime routine above). So of the line, the cleanser + toner are the only two I don't use regularly. But I do use it every time I travel, with the super cute mini travel set, found here.

    3. Beautycounter Countertime Ultra Renewal Eye Cream - another luxurious evening skincare routine item

    4. Essentials Eye Palette - my go-to eye shadow

    5. Cheeky Clean Cream Blush - my go to blush (truffle - warm Terracotta)

this post contains affiliate links.

thanks for helping support all the time

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recommendations to you!


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