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A Cosmic Fresh Start

Have you ever found it odd that the time when we're "supposed" to be setting New Year's Resolutions and getting all amped up to make big shifts in our lives comes in the dead of Winter? Counter to what it might feel like in today's society, innately, Winter was a season of rest + hibernation. It's a time of the fertile void - where you're called inward for reflection about the year past and on a personal level, desire more intimate connection versus big social gatherings. It's designed to naturally renew and bring us back to more stillness. It represents endings and it embodies release - letting the old die.

The Earth and her seasons, the Moon and her phases, the Sun and his cycle all show us - yearly, monthly, daily - that there’s a natural rhythm and flow to life.

In each of these, there exists a purposeful dance between rest + action, dark + light, inward focused versus outward focused energy.

  • Fall + Winter always precede Spring + Summer.

  • The moon is completely covered in shadow before her light re-emerges and builds every moon cycle, only to wane back to dark again.

  • The dark of night comes before the bright morning sun. And every day, the sun sets again.

This is the natural design that we used to live, breath and abide by, in all facets of life - to hunt, to gather, to plant, to harvest, to work more or rest more. When we work, live or eat outside this design, it’s common to feel misalignment and like something is missing. Or that your energy wanes throughout the day, you just can’t seem to sustain a rhythm, move with ease towards a goal or find consistent motivation + flow. It's Spring, not Winter, that embodies the energy of birth + rebirth, renewal and beginnings. We can just now start to see the Earth + her animals coming alive and back into action after a long period of rest. So doesn't it just make more sense for you and I to also wait to turn our eyes towards action + goals - defining what we want and who we're becoming during this moment - until after the Spring Equinox (the transitory day that signals the end of Winter)?

It just so happens that Spring also brings with it the beginning of Aries Season - the start of the zodiac new year.

Aka, your cosmic fresh start.

So if you've been feeling stuck lately or a bit more stagnant, anxious + frustrated, if you're having a hard time following through on your 2022 Resolutions, don't fret my love. It was all by design.

Take some time over the next week or so to capitalize on the Spring energy around you to begin creating + defining what you want - to do, to be, to accomplish.

And to help you get started, I'm gifting you a free workout. Try it out this weekend if you want to feel connected, alive and ready to get down to the real business of living this life fully!


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