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My Secret Weapons To Show Up Fully For Motherhood (Part 2)

After I learned from Innate Traditions that children’s nervous systems co-regulate 100% off their mothers from ages 0-3 and off parents + close caregivers until 7 and not being able to fully regulate themselves until around age 12, my first reaction was guilt + shame.

Will was a surprise pregnancy and although I know it’s a part of my mothering + self-growth journey, I had very limited nervous system (self) regulation skills seven years ago, nor the awareness yet that my own inner child and past trauma would make me vulnerable for being triggered by him. On top of this, I lacked support (a village) and was trying to build my business (I believe now that building a business / career and a family with small children at the same time without support, are not in alignment, and virtually impossible to do without creating hormone imbalance + depletion - if you wish to do both well).

Needless to say - I lost my shit, a lot.

With the added stress of being a mother of two in 2019, my nervous system got even more ‘trigger happy’ (get it?).

When I defined my own, unique brand of motherhood around the same time (who I wanted to *be* and how I wanted to *feel*), it was clear that I needed some new tools.

These days, I can still be a mom-ster, but when it happens, I know how to resource myself better so that I can show up fully in all I do.

For me, the most effective tools have been:

  • An ease-inducing nighttime wind-down routine + going to bed early when I can.

  • Sacred space in the morning to do breath work (the number one most important factor I’ve found to ground me), be in stillness (to hear my own intuition + filter out external voices of how I ‘should’ be or act) and journal (to get clarity on my desires).

  • Move my body in a way that completes the stress cycle (this is so key!).

  • Fuel my body consistently, with high-quality, whole foods that are pro-metabolic and both blood sugar and hormone-balancing. Because what I put *into* my body will explicitly determine what I’m able to get *out* of my body, ex: energy- + mood-wise, productivity, cognitively + physically.

  • Biohacking my female hormones (aka what I teach in my one-on-one coaching work and my online fitness membership Workout Like A Woman).

  • Getting and asking for support, not only when I need it in the moment, but consistently as a practice to get ahead of feeling depleted or exhausted.

Do you currently use any of these tools in your life? Tell me in the comments.

If you're curious to learn the *how* of all these, specific to your female body, schedule a Discovery Session with me!


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