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Need A Quick Hit Of Energy?

...that's not a coffee, sugary afternoon-pick-me-up or a nap?

Enter one of my energizing BFF's: The Four Minute Workout (click here to try in this follow along video).

It's a 🔥 metabolic + brain boost I learned from Dr. Zach Bush in his Intrinsic Health Biology Base Camp (highly recommend) and yes, it literally takes four minutes (or less).

This workout was designed to increase your ability to build muscle via the release of Nitrous Oxide (NO), which additionally helps power up your brain and energize your body!

Other benefits include:

  • The workout hits all 16 major muscle groups of the body.

  • Nitrous oxide is a magical communication molecule made by the human body, stored in the blood vessels that feed your muscles (and your brain!). When you start to exercise, you run out of oxygen and you release that NO. It goes downstream, opens up blood vessels and increases oxygen and nutrient delivery to that muscle. You rebuild that NO every couple hours, so we have the opportunity to release this NO 3x/day.

  • Increased nitrous oxide is additionally beneficial to the brain because NO is a vasodilator, meaning, it increases blood flow to the brain and increases both function + memory.

  • It’s a way to complete the stress cycle and increase your capacity for + resiliency to stress.

  • Do it post-meal (within 60 min) to decrease your blood sugar spike by up to 30%.

Click here to try the 4 Minute Workout with me!

After you do, comment below on how it made you feel! ✨☀️🔥👊🏻

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