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My Gratitude Massage

...what it is, how to do it and why it’s something you’re going to want to incorporate!

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Most of us women grow up having a negative relationship with our bodies. We’re taught at a very young age that they should look one specific way (skinny & small), otherwise they must be manipulated & changed by any means possible. This often creates a relationship rooted in self-loathing and/or the constant evaluation of our worth based on HOW our bodies look (versus how we feel IN them).

It makes us look upon them with dissatisfaction and perpetuates low self-esteem, 'never enoughness' and keeps us stuck (because we’re hyper focused on changing our bodies versus living our lives, seeking pleasure + joy and figuring out what lights us up).

I say: no more, first of all.

You are so much more than your body (and how it looks) AND your body is the sacred home your soul chose in this lifetime, the outer reflection of your unique spirit & gifts.

If you acted on THESE beliefs, what different actions would you take to care for it? How would it change the way you speak or think about it?

One practice that can help strengthen these new beliefs is my Gratitude Massage. I began implementing this during my postpartum with Felix and its been a mainstay for grounding me into the amazingness of my body.

It’s a powerful way to embody appreciation (a highly transformative emotion) for your sacred home, while standing for her worth - as she is now - and for all years & ways she (your body) has been there for you, held you up (literally) & carried you throughout your life.

✨ Gratitude Massage ✨

WHEN: do this any time you’re putting on lotion or body oil.


- Start at the feet, taking your time to massage the lotion/oil in, expressing gratitude. Ex: “thank you feet for walking me thru every moment of my life”.

- Continue up the body, taking time to massage + appreciate each limb/joint.

Other examples:

- “Thank you belly for housing my creativity & intuition.”

- “Thank you arms for holding my babies.”

- “Thank you legs for carrying me.”

When you offer appreciation in place of criticism (especially to your most “hated” places), you’ll notice the feelings you experience IN your body shift drastically.

I can’t wait for you to try this. Tell me in the comments below if you plan to integrate it!


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