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Cycling Your Food During Your Inner Spring

Did you know that eating certain foods during the different phases of your hormone cycle can help optimize // improve your metabolism, immunity, gut health, energy, ability to cope with stress, cognitive function, mood and reproductive health?

Woman drinking orange juice

Your female hormone cycle mirrors the seasons of the Earth & phases of the moon (and if you’re not physically cycling for any reason or it’s irregular, you track the moon instead of your cycle).

Just like different foods grow and are even craved more during different seasons, our cycle asks us to practice the same reverence to Mother Earth and our innate inner rhythm as well.

🌷Spring = Follicular Phase, right after your period (same energy as waxing moon)

☀️ Summer = Ovulatory Phase (full moon)

🍁Fall = Luteal Phase, right after ovulation up until your period (waning moon)

❄️ Winter = Your Period (dark & new moon)

In your inner Spring (and Summer) estrogen is the dominant hormone. Your metabolism is naturally slower, so adopting a more paleo style of eating (slightly lower carb intake with focus on more high quality protein + healthy fats) works well. The foods that best support this phase are energetically light, fresh & vibrant.

🍳Cooking method: steam or sauté

🥦 Veggies: think high-fiber, cruciferous + green!

🍋 Fruits: avocado + citrus

🌾 Grains + legumes: barley, oat, green lentil, split pea

🐓 Protein: chicken, eggs, clam, crab, trout

➕As the beginning of a new cycle, you want to focus on digestion + gut health, so fermented foods and @ionbiome are great! Try starting your day with 1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar OR lemon in warm water in the AM to add flow + open detox pathways.

My go-to lunch during this season is sautéed veggies over greens with leftover @instantpotofficial chicken, cashews, avocado, hemp + pumpkin seeds with @primalkitchenfoods Caesar dressing (pictured).

Do you cycle your food? If you’ve never tried it before - start with the vegetables! Adding more green & cruciferous ones in here will not only help flush excess estrogen, but also boost your micronutrient profile & energy!

What are your favorite Spring foods? Tell me in the comments below!


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