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Thinking of hopping on the newest diet or exercise trend? Try this instead.

If you're thinking of starting a new diet (ex: Paleo, Whole30, Keto or Intermittent Fasting) or a new workout routine, you're likely staring down a long road of big life changes + habits. This in and of itself isn't a negative thing, however, for most of us the majority of the time, we're ultimately setting ourselves up for failure.


Big life overhauls rarely work; and even when they’re required, it’s always more achievable to break them down into bite-size chunks over time. Small steps, day after day and soon you’ll look back and be surprised how far you’ve come.

But how do we integrate change into our lives, period? Whether big or small?

Through rituals and routines.

This is preceded by a curious, non-judgy look at your life as it is, right now.

Examining what you DO do daily and knowing that it’s not what you do sporadically, but what you do consistently that will determine the quality of your life and how you feel in your body.

Right now, take a quick inventory - what are the things you do daily?

Some examples to get your brain turning:

  • Coffee on an empty stomach?

  • Grabbing your phone & scrolling or checking email when you wake up?

  • Sitting down to work at 8am and not getting back up until 2 or later?

  • Glass of wine at night to wind down?

  • Collapse into bed after watching TV?

Whatever you come up with composes the current rituals &/or routines in your life.

These rituals & routines either contain the recipe for depleting your energy & time, perpetuating the feeling of being stuck and busy...

OR the magic to plug you INto your life, connect you deeper with your body, fill up your cup and renew your spirit.

Swapping depleting, habitual actions with intentional, nourishing ones can flip the script on your energy, mood & fulfillment.

I’m talking about:

  • having water & breakfast before coffee (your female hormones require this)

  • doing some breathing or stretching before you pick up your phone

  • scheduling a few breaks throughout your work day - go for a quick walk, do the 4 min workout, stretch, make some tea, water your plants, pull an oracle card.

  • instead of wine, take a shower/bath to “wash the day away”

  • instead of TV, try a few yin yoga poses or yoga nidra, cozy up with a book or slide into a bed heated with a hot water bottle.

Instead of resolutions (so commonly set in the new year), what routines & rituals can you upgrade to start feeling more alive, renewed and connected right now?

Is there a certain habit you *know* is a barrier to your whole-being health that you could release to make space for an uplifting replacement?

Tell me in the comments below or send me a message!


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