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Shhhh! Don't Talk About Periods.

A lot of women (and men) get weirded out when I talk about periods, cycles and hormones. And full transparency: I used to be one of them.

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But how did it come to be that one of the most fundamentally natural processes and super powers of being a woman is viewed as inconvenient, disgusting or undesirable?

Your hormones dictate every system & process in your body - including metabolism, energy, cognitive function, motivation, productivity, your ability to cope with stress & also your resilience to it, immunity, your reproductive system (essential to your health whether you want to have a baby or not) and gut health.

Yet, as woman, we are taught to reject the very cycle of these hormones, while simultaneously suffering from the lack of knowledge about how our hormones work and how they (very predictably, actually), influence mood, energy, weight, productivity, motivation, communication and the thoughts & beliefs we hold about ourselves, to name a small few.

In doing so, we have given up ownership and innate knowingness of our bodies. We trust “experts” instead of our intuition. We accept common as “normal” (one example being negative symptoms of PMS, perimenopause & menopause - although common, 100% not normal as you were designed to be symptom-free when hormones are balanced) and loathe our bodies for not fitting into the cultural definition of “beauty” and/or aging.

Empowering yourself with the knowledge of how your body and hormones work invites grace and nourishment as your new baseline. Grace is the antithesis of exhaustion, judgment & comparison. Seeking nourishment rejects the narrative that it’s desirable // acceptable to be starved and empty (on all levels - energetically, mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually & relationally).

Embracing and understanding both your menstrual cycle and all four of the major hormone seasons you go through as a woman (puberty, reproductive years, perimenopause & menopause + post) is part of experiencing life as more than what you DO. It allows you to BE - be in the moment, be in your body, be who you are, be fully embodied.

You are a whole woman, with a range of energies, moods and desires that shift as predictably as the moon’s cycle (which it in fact, mirrors). But if you have no clue what’s happening then you’re at the whim of “crazy hormones” and “that time of the month”.

To know your female hormone cycle is to own your power and reject the patriarchal brainwashing that women are irrational, emotional & weaker. Are you ready to return home to your body and intuition?

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