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Excess Estrogen + Eating For Your Inner Summer

One of the most common hormonal imbalances among women is excess estrogen. Driven by high levels of cortisol (read: stress), over-consumption of alcohol, xenoestrogens (chemicals like BPA & phthalates which mimic estrogen in the body) and carrying excess weight - symptoms of estrogen dominance can include heavy bleeding, breast tenderness, moodiness + frequent meltdowns, depression, anxiety or weepiness, mid-cycle pain, menstrual migraines, brain fog, endometriosis and fibroids, PMDD or PMS.

Woman drinking orange juice

Intentionally eating foods that support the four different hormone phases of your menstrual cycle (along with exercise + lifestyle shifts) can help break this cycle and rebalance your hormones. For example, focusing on gut health and high-fiber vegetables during your inner Spring & Summer aids your body in metabolizing and eliminating estrogen surplus (excess in luteal phase = PMS symptoms).

In a separate blog, I covered eating in your inner Spring (go back & read it!) and today let’s talk about SUMMER // OVULATORY PHASE. Your inner Summer is energetically the hottest phase of your hormone cycle. As such, the foods that best support this phase are raw and “cooling”.

🍳 Cooking method: steam or sauté, or raw

🥬 Veggies: raw + non-starchy, high in fiber - ex. spinach, arugula, bok choy, chard, peppers, asparagus & Brussels

🍓 Fruits: berries

🌽 Grains + legumes: red lentil, amaranth, quinoa, corn

🍤 Protein: lamb, salmon, shrimp, tune

➕ This is the best time to enjoy raw juices, smoothies, coffee & alcohol (not so with inner Fall + Winter).

Speaking of smoothies:

  • Be sure you CHEW them (I know that sounds weird, but digestion starts in the mouth!)

  • Check out @bewellbykelly for her Fab4 Smoothies. Most smoothies will spike your blood sugar, increasing insulin + cortisol, perpetuating estrogen dominance.

  • Try cycling your smoothies, enjoying only during their inner Spring or Summer and/or as the weather warms (tip: don’t drink without sunshine).

Experimenting with cooking methods - especially keeping raw foods (smoothies + salads included) in your inner Spring and Summer can start to make a huge difference! Do you plan to try this? Tell me in the blog comments!


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