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Learn body literacy + how to Workout like a Woman.

Stop striving for the "perfect" body, and learn the tools to start thriving in the one you were born with.

Learn the 101 of how your female physiology works throughout each hormone life season you travel through as a woman (Puberty, Reproductive Years, Perimenopause + Postmenopause), how to best support her towards sustainable, whole-being health, while gaining tools to give your movement strategy an upgrade with a cyclically-informed, science-backed approach.


Gain the knowledge you need to fuel success, while avoiding injury, burnout + frustrating, lackluster results. Movement specifically tailored for your beautiful and distinctly different female body - this is what it means to workout like a woman, and I'm going to teach you how.

Free 3 hour online workout + workshop
(plus bonus movement breaks)

Saturday, January 28 
8 - 11am pacific time // 11am - 2:00pm EST*

on Zoom

*a recording will be sent to all who sign up, even if you can't attend live


There's a different way to connect to your body,
and it's the key to

feeling free + at home in herfor good. 

You're a women who's motivated by measurable goals, seeing numbers move on the scale, having your clothes fit better, and feeling like your workouts are productive. You've fallen for the "New Year, New You" programs of the past—including overhauling your diet, focusing on weight loss and implementing a new workout routine / schedule.

But this year... feels different.

You still want to feel amazing in your body, but you're realizing the way you've been approaching her + movement actually doesn't feel good, isn't working and you're ready for an approach that celebrates your body versus one that focuses on changing it. One that can hold your goals, but not define your worth by them. You desire a deeper understanding of your energy - like understanding why you feel totally "on it" for workouts one week, then totally flat the next - and what to do about it.

You desire to feel more alive, turned on, energetic + connected—in body and life.


You want your workouts to feel empowering and not have to muster up motivation to do them. And you desperately want to find a movement routine / practice that worksbut is sustainable (and fun!) - for your body (which changes) and that is adjustable to your life / schedule (which also changes) - without the gimmicks, major life overhauls or enacting time-consuming practices that you won't keep up.

You've also noticed that your body is changing and you desire a solution that’s tailored to your female body (versus a man's). You want to learn how your body works, how to support her best and how you can use this information to move towards your goals, create health + feel amazing. 

I want you to know that all of this 
is not only possible,
I'm going to teach you the tools
to make it your reality.

In this 2-hour workshop you'll learn
how to workout like a woman, and:

  • How your hormones work (and change) so that you can work with your body’s rhythm, and ultimately maximizes your workout efforts + time

  • The best long-term strategies for body composition changes and deepening your connection with your amazing body, while learning how to effectively build muscle with ease (which strengthens your metabolism, burns more fat at rest and improves brain function + overall physical health)

  • Why weight loss is a moving target for women, not a sustainable goal and what actually works to focus on instead, while still achieving your goals

  • The predictable pattern of your female hormones during your menstrual cycle (which you'll learn to track) and throughout your lifetime (including Perimenopause + Postmenopause) and the innate energies, gifts + superpowers each bring 

  • Why, as a woman, you must consider your physiologic design, natural design + biologic needs when it comes to both working out, moving emotions through your body, recovery, fueling + preventing injury (and specifically what that looks like for you)

  • Exactly how to workout based on / around your physiologic design (aka what your hormones are doing), your natural design (what's happening in your life at the moment) and your metabolic needs (looking at the amount + impact of stress in your life)

... then experience the difference in how it 
feels to use a cyclically—informed
approach to movement through the
60 min workout we do together.

"Whitney has radically changed my approach to exercise and food. Instead of just pushing through and honestly feeling empty at the end of my workout and work day, I'm now working with my body, as a woman.

It's been game-changing physically, professionally and personally."

Sarah, 44

Learn how to Workout Like A Woman​

Free 3 hour workout + workshop
(plus bonus movement breaks)

Saturday, January 28 
8 - 11am pacific time // 11am - 2:00pm EST*

Your Guide: Whitney Mack

holistic health, hormones + movement coach

Whitney works with women in simplifying and accelerating their journey of whole-being health (mental, physical, emotional, relational and spiritual) with an approach that's rooted in the science of female-specific biology.

Diet culture, fitness trends and mainstream health advice have failed women miserably as they were based on studies done on men, without consideration for female hormones and their impact on nutritional support, lifestyle hacks and movement—not just in reproductive years but throughout the life span: in puberty, perimenopause, and postmenopause. As a result, women have expectations for their whole-being health that are impossible to meet, and do not have access to the knowledge and resources that help them step into their vitality, strength and stamina in life and work.


Whitney invites women to align their life, work, nutrition and movement to work synchronistically with their female physiology in a simple and flexible way that busy lives require.

Women learn how to tune in to the wisdom and language of their own unique body as a compass, and biohack their female hormonal advantage, while confidently stepping into who they truly are—for themselves and within the relationships, commitments and communities they care most about.

Sign-up here!

Saturday, January 28 
11:00am - 2:00pm EST*

*a recording will be sent to all who sign up

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