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Hormone Healthy Lasagna {Perfect For Fall}

Get ready to dig in to this hormone healthy lasagna that’s gluten-free + perfect for Fall (both the Earth season + the Luteal Phase of your menstrual cycle - aka your “inner Fall”).

Did you know that during your inner Fall, your metabolism rises (you’re building an entirely new organs - the corpus luteum + your uterine lining) and you need to eat a little more than in your Spring + Summer? Yep, you heard that right - you need to eat more (about 200-300 calories) between ovulation + your next bleed to support healthy hormone production, and reduce cravings (which on a physiological level, is your body asking for more energy and/or the nutrients it needs to function as it builds the uterine lining!).

Speaking of those classic sugar cravings... they’re rooted in your body’s need for B-Vitamins (found aplenty in organic Turkey + grass-fed beef) and desire for energetically warming foods (like your sweeter root vegetables).

This is also a time where whole food carbohydrate sources will help calm anxiety as they have a grounding + calming effect (blood sugar bonus hack: follow the optimal eating order: 🥦 (fiber) then 🥩 (protein) and finishing with 🥔🍫 (carbohydrates + sugars)).

Enter: this hormone healthy lasagna that checks all those boxes!

I used Cappello's gluten-free lasagna sheets (see note below on where I score these beauties at a discount), but this is also amazing with just the zucchini layers (you could also mandolin yellow squash, yams or sweet potatoes instead).


- 100% grass-fed ground beef (bonus use Force Of Nature ground beef or bison with organs) or organic turkey

- sugar-free marinara sauce with olive oil

- olives

- 2-3 zucchinis

- can of organic butternut squash purée (can also use pumpkin or sweet potato)

- @cappellos lasagna

- shredded 100% grass-fed + raw Organic Valley cheddar OR 1/2 cup nutritional yeast


1. Sauce first - sauté / brown meat and season with salt + Italian seasoning to taste. Add

olives, marinara + squash purée.

2. Use a mandolin to slice zucchini thin.

3. Layer zucchini (spritz with EVOO + salt), then noodles then meat until everything is used.

4. Top with cheese or nutritional yeast (tastes just like 🧀).

5. Bake for 35 min (covered with parchment paper + baking sheet over top), finish last 5 min uncovered.

Start your meal with some sautéed greens or veggies to get a bit of fiber first! 👊🏻

Give me a 🍝😋 if you’re gonna make the lasagna or implement the inner Fall food tips to curb cravings + support your cycle!

I get my Cappello's from Thrive Market frozen foods. Thrive is an online grocery store where most of my favorite hormone-healthy products are cheaper than the local grocery store. If you want to give it a try, check out my Weekly Grocery List + Pantry Restock document that contains all my favorites from Thrive. And use this link to get 40% off your first order!


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